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Fibromyalgia Treatment Options

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Fibromyalgia is a perplexing health condition that physicians are still learning about.

Fibromyalgia literally means achy muscles and joints, and is commonly misdiagnosed and therefore mis-treated.  The American Medical Association’s CPT Manual1 classifies Fibromyalgia as a symptom, rather than a condition, which means it is usually considered to be a minor problem associated with more serious health problems.  Most diagnosis are made when certain specific criteria are met, and correlate with the patient’s symptoms.  Many times the diagnosis is made after ruling out other similar disorders that can mimic Fibromyalgia, such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

There are no specific tests, such as blood work that can definitively diagnose the condition, which causes many physicians to speculate that the problem is “all in the patients head” and not take the patient seriously.  This commonly frustrates those people who suffer from generalized aches and pains common to Fibromyalgia.

One of the biggest problems with treating Fibromyalgia is the lack of a direct cause.  Specific treatment cannot be suggested without knowing what you are treating, therefore it is best managed rather than treated.  It is for this specific reason that treatment works for some, and not for others.  Common management procedures include deep muscle massage, chiropractic care, nutritional advice, and exercise.

Exercise seems to be the best treatment for people with Fibromyalgia, but is not considered by most victims because they rationalize that exercise will only aggravate their already achy muscles.  However, this is the opposite of the truth.  Exercise beyond 30 minutes a day will cause the body to release endorphins which actually ease pain.  Improving the diet can also have a tremendous impact on the management of Fibromyalgia.

In closing, I suggest you read up as much as you can on management suggestions.  There are several books and websites that have wonderful information on management of the symptoms related to Fibromyalgia.  Persistence will almost always prove worthwhile in any treatment plan, given time.

Some massage therapists have special training for treating Fibromyalgia.

For more information on how we can help you, simply contact us at 918-274-3888 today!

1 Physicians Current Procedural Terminology, American Medical Association, 2002.

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Are Headaches Ruining Your Enjoyment of Life

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            Headaches are the most common thing I see in my office!  At least once a day, I treat someone who has a headache.  Many people consider their headaches a part of their life, with no hope of freedom from their ailment.  There is always a cause for headaches, and if there is a cause, there is still hope for successful treatment.

I am not saying that Chiropractic care is that hope, but unless you’ve tried it for a reasonable amount of time, you will never know if it is or not.  Let me explain.

The most common type of headaches are muscle tension headaches, commonly referred to as “Stress Headaches” because they tend to come on with increased stress which causes the shoulder muscles to tighten.  The second most common type of headaches are “Sinus” headaches.  The pressure from clogged sinuses due to allergies or colds will cause pressure in the skull resulting in headaches.  Another common type of headache is often not referred to as a headache, but more accurately, a “Migraine Headache”.  Migraines are further classified into sub-categories that describe the type of pain you experience with it, but typically migraine sufferers can tell you hours before they actually have a migraine episode.  Many preservatives in food, or chemicals around the house and work will trigger migraines.

            There are many other types of headaches, but the point is that they all have one common denominator – PAIN.  Headaches, just like pain, are messages to your brain telling it that something is not functioning correctly in your body.  The reason treatment may not work effectively is that you may be masking these important signals, rather than addressing the cause.  A thorough case history, and some insight into how well your nervous system is functioning can usually pinpoint the cause or causes.

            For example, in our office we use “needle-less” EMG for assessing a person’s nervous system function, and have thousands of headache success stories!  This quick, painless test performed in the office may be the only thing stopping you from achieving success from your headaches.  Don’t let the life God gave you to enjoy be interrupted by headaches any longer.  Call our office today at 918-274-3888 and make an appointment for your nervous system scan.

            At Northside Family Chiropractic we are preferred providers for most insurances, and some even cover 100%.

Who is the Best Chiropractor in Owasso, Oklahoma ?

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Everyone wants the BEST, especially when it comes to health related concerns.  But it can be difficult to find the BEST at something.  Fortunately for people searching for the Best Chiropractor, there is a new website that helps people locate the BEST chiropractor in their town.  thebestchiropractorintown.com helps people locate the BEST chiropractor in their town.

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If you are in the North Tulsa area of Oklahoma and are needing a great chiropractor, choose the BEST, choose Northside Family Chiropractic.

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