The staff is very friendly and…

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The staff is very friendly and we feel like family when we go. Dr. Johnson always knows exactly what to do and we have seen relief there that we have not seen elsewhere.

via Reviews for Northside Family Chiropractic http://www.demandforced3.com/b/1.0/1/review/reviews.jsp?d3cp_exid=333501471&d3cp_rev=1391051

Do you know the origins of most medicine

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Do you know the origins of most medicines ? Have you ever questioned how they were discovered ? http://ow.ly/l23C1

How many medical procedures performed to

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How many medical procedures performed today have research that proves it’s beneficial ? http://ow.ly/l23q5

How long have we had access to “modern

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How long have we had access to “modern medicine” ? Do you think that’s long enough to trust it’s approaches ? http://ow.ly/l23dH