Great diagnosis and treatment

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Great diagnosis and treatment

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Friendly atmosphere, prompt professional…

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Friendly atmosphere, prompt professional service with a caring attitude…

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Great place! Massage therapy had…

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Great place! Massage therapy had really helped my lower back pain

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Comparing Sports Injuries Between Kids and Teens

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Comparing Sports Injuries Between Kids and Teens

With pediatric health-care providers facing the epidemic of obesity, it is more important than ever to promote athletic activities among young people.

Yoga for Back Pain: How Often Should You Practice?

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Yoga for Back Pain: How Often Should You Practice?

Practicing yoga has been shown to be beneficial to health, including reducing low-back pain. If you’re interested in this natural, non-invasive option, you may be wondering how much time you will need to invest to experience the benefits.

Chiropractic Cuts Headache Pain By 71%

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Trigger point therapy reduced cervicogenic headache pain by 71% for patients in a new study. The patients also experienced a 59% reduction in neck pain symptoms, as well as improved range of motion and muscle function.
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When Fear Worsens Back Pain

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Are your emotions influencing your pain? Studies suggest that our mental health plays a role in our experience with pain, particularly in people with musculoskeletal symptoms like back pain and whiplash.
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