Pregnancy and Posture: The Link and a Solution

You may not typically pair these two words together: Pregnancy and posture. They are two completely different aspects of health. One we really only think about for nine months at a time, while the other should be a daily habit. So, what do these two have in common? If you’ve already been pregnant, then you […]

Why Working Overtime May Not Work at All

In our 24/7 society, putting in extra hours can be a common solution to get the job done.  But new research is saying, “Wait a minute – it may not be working the way you think!”  You may meet the deadline, but lose the battle if your health suffers in the process. New findings are […]

Helping the Mind and Body Cope Through Back Pain

When dealing with any sort of pain, it’s best to approach it from both a physical and emotional viewpoint. This is because the mind and body are incredibly closely linked and can influence each other in a powerful manner. It may sound like some New Age hippie silliness, but there have been numerous scientific studies […]

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