What is a chiropractor?

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Estero Family Chiropractic

Chiropractic is much more than just pain relief. Sure we do very well at helping neck, back and other types of ailments and pain but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Chiropractic allows your body to function at it optimal potential. The way this is achieved is in the same manner we help people with pain. You see, when you feel pain, you're tissues and nerves are being irritated. To alleviate that pain, chiropractors find areas that have moved or misaligned, and start correcting those mis-alignments with specific adjustments. As chiropractors work to realign the spine it takes pressure off your nerves and the better you feel. 

Now, those nerves in your spine control more than just pain. They control how your body works and functions. So when we get pressure off nerves, the nerves the organs and tissues have the ability to function at their optimal level without any interference. Chiropractic does for your spine and body what regular brushing and flossing your teeth does for your teeth and gums. It keeps your body performing the best it possibly can.

Are you taking care of your spine? http:

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Are you taking care of your spine? http://ow.ly/m5ok300Lzom

That was the best massage…

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That was the best massage I have ever had

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Is your body’s Grand Central Station co

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Is your body’s Grand Central Station communicating well with the rest of your body?
Time for a Chiropractic visit? http://ow.ly/l2iI300vpeP

This place starting from …

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This place starting from the front of the office top the back of the office is AMAZING!!! The Dr. Took time to explain the process in great detail. I love it!!

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Best chiropractor. I wai…

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Best chiropractor. I wait way too long to comeback but wouldn’t go any where else.

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Doc is a sole practitione…

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Doc is a sole practitioner, who sees his patients on time regardless. Always on the ball, or back I should say!!

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